About STEAM Works Studio

Starting with a humble beginning in a shared space, teaching Middle School Robotics in the beginning of 2015, we have now taught STEAM programs to more than 30,000 children (Age 4-18) across all our centers in the last few years! 

Mission & Vision

At Steam Works Studio we want children to learn skills that will help them in the future, no matter what profession they chose later. We offer courses where the children learn creative and logical thinking, how to work in teams and much more in an exciting and playful way.

Extended Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Math

Spark creativity and bolster a deep interest in Science, Math and Arts in children and young adults through hands-on practical learning by "Making"!

Our Academy is uniquely focused towards fostering and developing essential 21st Century and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills like Problem-Solving, Critical thinking, Creativity and Collaboration in a hands-on and practical but fun learning environment. We believe that "Making" can transform the way we all learn, from preschoolers through retirees.